Fine Dining

Along with the general services that we offer to all our trade clients, we understand that selling wine to fine dining establishments takes a more curated approach. Please see below:

Winemaker visits: As we work directly with most of our winemakers, they often come to visit us here in the UK and they love to visit the establishments in which their wines are poured. So whether you would like to bring them in for a staff training, or perhaps a promotional dinner, being able to interact directly with the winemaker is always incredibly valuable.

Regular Offers of Fine Wines from Outside our Portfolio: We get yearly allocations of wines from iconic names, such as Dagueneau, Dauvissat, Bonneau, Tenuta San Guido, Rioja Alta, and many more. Do let us know which names you're looking out for and we can potentially secure a parcel for you before we receive the allocation.

Regular Offers of Large Formats of Wines In Our Portfolio: Having large format bottles from big names on a wine list can really make it stand out, so if this is something you're looking for we're able to source them from our producers on a regular basis.

Broking List: Since we have a private client services department at Genesis Wines it means we get access to private client cellars on a regular basis. We generally value these wines below market prices and so it gives you access to vintage wines from big names at great prices.