Bars & Restaurants

We understand that running a restaurant is a lot of work, which is why we like to make the wine-buying element as simple as possible and take some of the most time-consuming activities off of your shoulders. Please see what we offer below:

Staff training: Depending on your needs, we will happily present to your staff members on a regular basis and train them on the wines that you purchase from us. This installs confidence in them and provides them with the necessary toolbox to sell as much as possible.

Wine list construction: We love to give advice on building a wine list. We have experience with working with a huge variety of budgets and margin requirements.

Advice on wine storage & display: We have worked with hundreds of trade clients, many of whom came to us before opening, so we know the smartest ways to store and display wines in a busy environment.

Visits from winemakers for staff training or promotional activities: As we work directly with the vast majority of our producers we love to introduce them to our trade clients, whether it be for a staff training to go through their range, or through a promotional winemaker’s dinner with your customer base.

Advice on stock management: This is all down to experience and the number of trade clients we have worked with in the past. As a result we have a fairly good idea on how frequently and it what sort of quantities most types of establishments should be ordering.

Advice on food and wine matching: Our trade sales executives have all been in the industry for over 10 years and are WSET trained so can provide fantastic advice on selecting wines to match your menus.

Wine List Printing and design: If you decide to take all of your wines through Genesis we can happily negotiate a package which includes seasonal design and printing of your wine lists.

Provision of Wine Dispense Equipment: Again, depending on the number of wines you take from us we can provide anything from corkscrews for your staff up to coolers and Verre de Vin dispensers